Do What You Love

Do What You Love

A 2015 survey found that 25% of business owners fall ill from being stressed and overworked. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise for the business owners out there, but it highlights a growing problem for business owners: how to keep up with the increasingly hectic pace of change in business.

Business owners get into business to do what they love. Business owners follow their passion. If you ask a business owner what they’re passionate about, they’re not going to answer, “dealing with payroll,” or “managing technology.”

What starts as a labor of love, quickly becomes an administrative nightmare, and business owners are left burned out and sick.

So, what is the answer?

Here at Priority, we speak a lot about Digital Transformation. Digital Transformation is a foundational change in how an organization delivers value to its clients. It’s rapidly becoming the new buzzword and will soon be the thing on which everyone is focusing. It’s already become a major focus for many forward-thinking companies. Digital Transformation is heavily focused on what organizations can do to better serve their customers, but it is based on an inside-out approach to organizational change. The idea is that by adapting the processes and systems inside the company to fully utilize the formidable power of the digital age, a company will deliver much better results to its customers.

A secondary aspect of this, that is not as often discussed, is that a company can, by the power of digital transformation, relieve much of the stress that is overwhelming and burning out, not just business owners, but employees everywhere. The same principles of Digital Transformation that enable a business to deliver better results to its customers also allow business owners to maximize their time and dramatically increase their productivity.

How does this work?

It works by finding the right partner who will work with a business to determine where their company can leverage Digital Transformation to increase efficiency and lighten administrative workloads. Business owners don’t have to be so stressed they’re sick. They don’t have to face the growing reliance on technology alone.

Business owners start a business to serve their clients, not to administer technology systems or manage finances. Those things are a part of business ownership, however, and it’s only by leveraging relationships with the right partners that a business owner can do what they love and love doing it.

Digital Transformation is coming. Those who adapt will thrive, those who don’t will fail. The difference is the right partner.

Are you doing what you love?

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