Why Your Business Needs 4G Backup

Why Your Business Needs 4G Backup

With the vast majority of business owners virtualizing their infrastructure and investing heavily in cloud-based technologies to support an increasingly mobile workforce, businesses need more reliable connection to the internet than ever before. While many SMBs are routinely frustrated by incessant internet outages, especially in a wireless network environment, companies must understand the power of 4G Internet. Many business owners are simply unaware of 4G backup and how organizations can utilize this advancement in order to bolster productivity and ensure smooth operations, at all times.

For many businesses, a WAN (Wide Area Network) outage is largely inevitable. Many businesses simply accept these outages as an unavoidable fact of life while they simultaneously cause damaging losses, in terms of tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity, and missed opportunities, each instance that these outages occur. In the past, business owners purchased additional analog lines to circumvent the problem and to ensure that their staff wouldn’t be prevented from doing their work, however, today those extra analog lines are no longer necessary. Using a 4G cellular network, as a backup to a traditional wireless network, can serve the bottom-line goal of keeping employees going, no matter what hiccups arise in internet connectivity. The goal of 4G backup is simple, it’s to provide a secondary network interface for remote routers to access when the primary link is unavailable. With inevitable internet outages facing almost every organization, and the staggering costs associated, it simply makes no sense for a business to risk its entire well-being on a single point of failure. While it is still advisable for an SMB to utilize their existing networks as a primary resource, it’s also prudent for organizations to have a 4G failover in place, in the event of an internet outage, so that employees can keep going no matter what happens.

As SMB infrastructure continues to migrate more and more to a cloud-based environment, nearly all SMBs have an even heavier demand on internet connectivity than they did, even only a few years ago. Employees have grown to simply expect the internet to “always remain on” and without this in place many employees simply cannot perform their jobs. The ubiquity of 4G cellular networks has helped to strengthen cellular networks across the nation as a whole and at this point in time, this has now become a very cost-effective, minimally intrusive, means to create redundancy in a SMB in virtually no time. Paired with a high-performing wireless network, 4G backup simply makes sense for SMBs who take their productivity seriously.

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