Warranty & Maintenance Programs

Priority Communications offers the most comprehensive Warranty and Support Programs in the telecommunication industry. *Note: Our service guarantee applies only to customers who have purchased their system and installation from Priority Communications or SWC-Telecom.

Maintenance Guarantee

  • Emergency response time guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If we are unable to respond within two (2) hours or less, you will receive a refund of 25% of the original system purchase price!
  • Non-emergency response time will be within one business day, or your support program will be extended a full month at no charge.
  • When you need to add on, move or change your system, we guarantee the request will be completed within five business days or the charges will be reduced by 10%.

Remote System Programming

System programming or changes that can be handled remotely is included at no additional charge.


Unlimited station user and administration training is included with our Maintenance Program.

Telco Assistance

We will assist reporting and rectifying any telco problems that your system may experience.

The “Custom” Priority Communications Support Program

In addition to equipment failures, our program covers:

  1. Software problems
  2. “No trouble found”
  3. Wiring and cabling problems
  4. Telco problems
  5. Additional customer training
  6. Interfacing with telephone and long distance companies
  7. Replacement of defective base cords and handset cords
  8. Free remote programming
  9. Annual service review
  10. Annual testing and preventive maintenance
  11. Free consultation and software design
  12. Local and long distance audits and recommendations

The Best Support Program in the Industry!

Clients & Industries We Serve

Eiteljorg Museum
Uncle Bill's Pet Center
Reese Wholesale
Keller & Keller
Mainstreet Asset Management
Red Gold
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