4 MAJOR Improvements Your Business Phone System Needs

4 MAJOR Improvements Your Business Phone System Needs

You might think, “My phone system is working, that’s all that really matters.” But in today’s business environment, that’s simply not true! Thinking all you need is a dial tone could be preventing your business from communicating effectively both internally AND externally.

If you’re still using a legacy PBX system, your phones aren’t meeting the evolving needs of your business.

For instance, look closely at your costs from keeping a legacy system. Have you found what’s hiding behind your phone system in your company’s budget? There’s the costs of constant maintenance, trying to find parts for your outdated system, time spent navigating difficult upgrades, frustration from lack of application compatibility, inability to provide the best customer service, lack of worker mobility, latency issues … on and on and on.

This all can be very damaging to your business, in ways you might not even see. Certainly, it’s impacting your bottom line.

The reality is your phone system can and should be doing more for you!

Improved Phone System Affordability

Older, legacy phone systems are expensive to maintain and encounter a number of challenges with upkeep. Legacy software and servers require periodic updates or replacement that may no longer be available. In some cases, vendors have gone out of business leaving their customers with no real support.

A modern onsite phone system is easy to deploy and maintain, so you get a more affordable system based on a modern, agile solution.

Improved Mobility and Collaboration

Legacy phone systems tether users to their desks, offering limited options for a workforce that should be working from anywhere and from any device. They provide only the most basic forwarding options.

But today’s modern workers can do their jobs from the office, remotely, or on the road IF they have the right tools. Your staff could work in teams, collaborate, share content, and communicate – all from a unified solution. They should be able to instant message, call, video chat, and more from any device, anytime without having to switch between multiple applications.

Improved Employee Productivity

In older business models, employees worked predictable hours from set locations. This was partly to make sure they were easier to get ahold of. A legacy system reinforces this model, leaving your business far less agile than your competitors.

Imagine the boost in productivity when you’re using a UC integrated onsite phone system! It lets employees turn any endpoint into a fully-functioning phone system just like the one sitting on their desk. Features like softphone, remote number support, and mobility allow users to access CRM, make calls, use instant messaging, and set up conferencing on ANY device – no matter their location.

Improved Business Security

You’ve seen it in the news. Hackers are everywhere and they’re going after everything. Traditional phone systems lack the security features businesses need, so your communications are easily intercepted and interpreted. The short story? You are a prime target for hackers.

Furthermore, this lack of security can present problems with government compliance or concerns about corporate espionage. In contrast, the right onsite solution offers encryption technology using TLS/sRTP which has been tested. It’s protected against the newest vulnerabilities as well as attacks designed for older systems.

It’s time for an Upgrade!

If you’re still clinging to your current phone system because you need to retain administrative control; if the Cloud is just not an option for you yet, here’s some great news:

An onsite phone system gives you everything a modern cloud phone system would, yet still lets you retain your control.

Is it time to upgrade and enable modern communication and collaboration features for your business? How well is your phone system really meeting your needs? We can help. Contact us [phone].

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