“Can You Hear Me Now?” — SD-WAN For Reliable Voice Services

“Can You Hear Me Now?” — SD-WAN For Reliable Voice Services

If you’ve been doing Wide Area Networking (WAN) for as long as we have you know that Voice is perhaps the least-forgiving application as it relates to outages. For example, say you have multiple circuits, and the primary circuit experiences a failure; traditional WAN routing will simply not switch over fast enough to keep a Voice call up, all while other, less sensitive data applications might barely blip. If your business is dependent on great customer satisfaction, then superior call quality and eliminating dropped calls is truly the holy grail of networking.


Business today requires a solution that ensures users remain connected at all times. They also need a solution that strengthens security, provides visibility with less complexity and works seamlessly with your legacy infrastructure to simplify making changes. A Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is that solution – built to tackle todays ever-increasing bandwidths and empower your distributed enterprise while lowering communication costs.

At Priority Communications we help you transition to a Software Defined WAN solution that enables your business to:

  • Automatically maintain optimal performance of mission critical apps even during network link failure
  • Expand WAN capacity at lower-costs, while maintaining a high level of quality with increased reliability
  • Support cloud migration with integrated enterprise-level security to protect your company data
  • Improve user experiences and application performance across your network including mobile users

In an age when much of an organization’s traffic flows to the cloud rather than to corporate data centers, SD-WAN taps into all available network resources by dynamically directing traffic across all bandwidth options from MPLS to public broadband connections.

SD-WAN provides centralized control and orchestration so that business and application-related policies can be applied to deal with changing network patterns and performance requirements. It also applies techniques such as dynamic path control and adaptive forward error correction to ensure data integrity.

For more information on how a Software Defined WAN may help optimize your network contact us at (317) 805-1090.

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