Are You Communicating?

Are You Communicating?

These days communication is more and more referred in terms of technology. Apps are helping us “communicate” better. Social media is how we “communicate.” Video chat and screen sharing are forms of “communication.”

The reality is that communication is fundamentally human. It is personal, interpersonal, and organic.

What we are oftentimes doing when we use technology, is NOT communicating. We are using apps and technology to send information, but more often than not, we are not communicating.

But businesses should be focused on how they are communicating as an organization. As more and more data becomes available, it is becoming increasingly clear: Communication is essential to the health and vitality of a business.

Here are a couple ways that communication is vital for businesses.

  1. Good communication reduces conflict.

Business look for help with communication training when there is tension or conflict in the workplace. Conversely, tension and conflict can be avoided altogether if businesses are proactively creating opportunities for honest and safe communication. When employees feel heard and know that they can express their honest concerns without fear or retribution, conflict decreases, and productivity increases.

  1. Good communications increase employee engagement.

Communication, at its core, is connecting. Connection is a fundamental need for human beings and one of the pillars of interpersonal trust. When employees connect with each other through healthy communication, they become more excited about being in the workplace. They have more energy, they work better with their co-workers, and they have a better attitude towards the work they do. This all translates to better results for the business and it all starts with communication.

  1. Good communication creates better client relationships.

When employees are able to communicate well within their business, it flows over to their communication with clients. The more comfortable and empowered employees feel inside of their own company, the more confident and helpful they will appear to clients. Not only that but by practicing healthy communication within the environment of the business, they are better equipped to understand the different roles their co-workers play and can better serve clients by resolving issues efficiently and effectively.

These may seem like trivial things, but the reality is that small things make the difference. Communication is HUMAN. The question we always need to be asking ourselves is, “how do we use technology to make our interactions more human.” If that is our intention, our communication will be more effective, more healthy, and much more beneficial to our businesses.

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