How Unified Communications is Enabling Digital Transformation?

How Unified Communications is Enabling Digital Transformation?

Unified Communications is a term that has been around for a while now. Kind of like the term “convergence” back in the mid 2000’s, technology has progressed to make Unified Communications more of a norm than a new idea.

However, there are still ways technology is advancing that make communications even more unified.

Recently, video and SMS functionality have become almost ubiquitous on hosted phone systems. This is good news for small businesses who rely on technology to appear as big and capable as larger companies with which they compete. As digital transformation continues to roll across the business landscape, small businesses have the opportunity to maximize their time and money while providing better service than ever before.

Video and SMS, specifically, are tools that a small business can use to increase their customer service and customer engagement levels.

Video is a game-changer for communication. From a psychology perspective, 55% of communication is body-language, 38% is tone of voice, and 7% is the actual words being spoken. This means that video is the only long-distance form of communication in which a person can fully relate to the other person. Text communication is 93% less effective than video and phone communication is 55% less effective.

SMS has its place, however. 1/3 of Americans prefer text to phone calls. This means that adding SMS to your business communication allows you to offer the option of text communication with your customer who prefer it. For short communications, appointment confirmations, promo offerings, etc… having the option to send SMS can significantly increase your customer engagement by allowing your customers to choose the way they prefer to be contacted.

Unified Communications are constantly evolving and becoming even more unified. Businesses should be focused on how they are using technology to improve their business efficiency and customer experience. This is what is at the heart of the digital transformation. It is the great equalizer in B2B commerce.

How unified are your communications?

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